The mission of the International Consumer Magnets Association (ICMA) is create a unified framework of universal standards and consistent practices among members under the premise of awareness, reporting, and accountability.


Our role is to foster innovation in the field of consumer products containing magnets, deliver up-to-date relevant news to participants, and increase public awareness on safe magnet applications.

Emerging technology is making increased use of high-powered magnets, particularly in electronics and a broad range of household and consumer products. Magnets are also becoming stronger, smaller, more accessible and less expensive.

A growing number of high-powered magnets are imported from overseas for use in consumer goods and sold directly to consumers without an established regulatory framework for administering such goods. The ICMA registration process ensures that such manufacturers, distributors and retailers are responsible and accountable for the magnetic products being sold. All ICMA members are required to adhere to ASTM regulations as well as the safety standards established in ICMA guidelines. As a group, we perform regulatory reporting and certify members' products entering the marketplace.

To discourage instances of irresponsible practice, the International Consumer Magnets Association is currently working with the ASTM to establish guidelines for the packaging, marketing and sale of high-powered magnets to consumers. The association is also launching campaigns aimed to educate the public and healthcare professionals about the safe use of magnets.