ICMA - International Consumer Magnets Association
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Established in 2012, the ICMA (International Consumer Magnets Association) is an industry organization that represents consumers, manufacturers, experts and distributors related to magnets in consumer products.


  • Promote magnet awareness as it relates to safety and utility
  • Advise upon current and proposed magnet regulations
  • Foster magnet innovation and adoption in consumer technology
  • Advise and reinforce voluntary industry standards for magnets and magnet technology

Current Projects

  • [NEW] 2013 ASTM Guidelines for Consumer Magnets
  • [NEW] 2013 Industry Standards for Marketing and Distribution of Consumer Magnets
  • [NEW] 2013 ASTM F963.11 Magnet Safety Standards, Magnet Hazard Definition and Magnetic Flux Index Evaluation


We encourage all members of the public, industry and experts to participate in the activities of the ICMA. Membership is free. Join the ICMA